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Lenten Opportunities

Ash Wednesday - Feb 14 @7:00 pm  allow God to be your valentine and be reminded of your belovedness with a meditative service with imposition of ashes.

Why not try a technology fast?
Science says a technology detox could help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  If just the idea of choosing to reduce screen time makes you nervous, try a progressive fast, starting with a small fast and adding on a discipline each week:

Week 1 of Lent: start a technology sabbath -- putting away smartphone from sundown Saturday to sundown Sunday.

Week 2 -- turn off all notifications on smart phone to avoid becoming a "Pavlov dog".

Week 3 -- add a 15 minute positive relationship break on-line where you reach out to folks you fallen out of contact with, offer encouragement through social media, be a positive online force.

Week 4 -- add a commitment to a daily mealtime without screen-time (don't just turn it over on the table -- don't bring it to the table).

Week 5 -- add an evening time-out an hour before bed put the smartphone away --science says put it in another room.

Holy Week -- share your experience of a technology detox with someone. What has it been like? What have your learned?

Want to explore what it means to be white?  Join the Sunday morning class as we develop white racial literacy and take an honest look at how we can move beyond being well-intentioned white people to those committed to racial equality.  Sundays 8:45ish in the parlor.


The East Longmeadow Ministerium (Methodist, Congregational, Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox, and Episcopal Churches in town) are excited to offer a series of Lenten Taizé Services throughout these holy days of Lent.

Beginning on Wednesday, February 21st and concluding on Wednesday, March 21st area churches will welcome you to come and take part in Taizé prayer and worship.

Taizé is a style of chant which involves simple passages of scripture or prayers being repeated over and over again. In many ways, Taizé singing is deeply calming and meditative and can often help people sense deep peace and connect with God's presence. Additionally, Taizé services usually involve candles, candle lighting to signify prayers, icons (religious images which can help focus and direct the prayers of those gathered), and moments of silence.

The schedule for Wednesday Services, which begin at 7:00 p.m. and will last roughly 30 minutes, is as follows:

2/21 at the East Longmeadow United Methodist Church located at 215 Somers Rd.

2/28 at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church located at 128 Maple St.

3/7 at St. Paul Lutheran Church located at 181 Elm St.

3/14 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church located at 1 Porter Rd.

3/21 at the First Congregational Church located on the Rotary.

All are welcome!