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Ministries - Worship

Worship Series - Eastertide 2014

Series runs April 27 – June 1,  Sundays at 10.
Imagine the People of God.

Box of Crayons What does community look like
that is living out its call to be
the “people of God?”

In this seven week series, the inspirational theme song by Mark Miller asks us to Imagine the People of God who care, share, believe, receive, seek, dream and change.  And we, as a congregation, will imagine the church universal as a relevant, inclusive force for good in the world, and explore our role in raising the level of hope for those who cry out for love and justice.

Imagine with us what is next for the church at large and for this congregation.

As we think critically about our future, we'll look for wisdom from those early followers, using readings from the letters to early Christian communities to enter into this conversation that is as old as Christianity itself. Let's come together to imagine and create better relationships, better family, better church, better world!

To encourage our imagining in our prayer time, we'll learn to pray in color, doodling our way in the presence of God. Perhaps you struggle with a short attention span, a restless body, or a tendency to live in your head.  Or perhaps you're a distract-able or impatient soul, a visual or kinesthetic learner, Heart of Crayons or can never find the words to pray, this creative practice is for you.

Each Sunday offers a special colorful word for our children with Sunday school lessons which correspond and teach our children to pray in color also.

I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old ones shall dream dreams, and your young ones shall see visions. - Joel 2:28-32

The emerging church movement has been paying attention to the changing culture in the aftermath of modernity and is experimenting with diverse ways of reaching back to recover ancient roots as it tries to grow and bloom and pollinate the world with beauty.

It is unclear what the future church will look like, but who better than this congregation, with our mission statement proclaiming “we welcome the risks involved in ministry”, to work on adapting our ways to reach a changing culture.

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April 25, 2014