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Ministries - Worship

Worship Series - Winter 2014

Series runs January 12 – March 2, Sundays at 10.
Worship designed for the spiritual-but-not-religious in all of us.
Seekers and skeptics welcome.

Things they never told me about Jesus:
A Beginner’s Guide to a Larger Christ

Buddy Christ Who is Jesus to you?

- A buddy who affirms all you do?
- A savvy public figure trying to win you over with his winning smile and politically-correct wisdom?
- How about an angry, more-divine-than-human icon judging your every action and calling you to repent?
- Or that dude walking beside you along the beach and carrying you in tough times?

Perhaps none of the above or all of the above.
Often we rely on our familiar understandings of this 1st-century teacher from Palestine and overlook the one seen in the pages of the gospels. Using John Bell's Ten Things They Never Told Me About Jesus, come explore facets of the personal life, relationships and ministry of Jesus which are seldom the stuff of preaching or conversation, but which are necessary to be freed from the passive stereotypes which still dominate thinking about Christ.

Part Bible-study, part exploration of Christian stereotypes, part worship, we’ll roll up our sleeves and work together to discover a far larger Jesus than the little bearded figure in children's picture books.

Jan 12 - He had skeletons in his closet

Jan 19 - He had a vocation for the elderly and a preference for the poor

Jan 26 - He talked with strangers and women

Feb  2 - He was fully equipped to be human
If you were playing ‘spin the bottle’ with Jesus and got to ask him any question to discover an untold truth about him, what would you ask? John Bell worked with seventy high school students to uncover hidden facts about Jesus’ life.

Feb  9 - He could turn an admiring crowd into an angry mob.
Joint-service with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church with special guest preacher, Laura Everett, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

Feb 16 - He got angry, indignant, livid, annoyed, etc.
In our hymns, Jesus seems to have “his strong emotions constantly subdued or on holiday. He never gets excited, raises his voice, expresses displeasure. His demeanor is the emotional equivalent of the color grey.” Look beyond the meek and mild fašade to see a more colorful Jesus.

Feb 23 - His “family values” weren’t what you’d expect

Mar  2 - He giggled for God
Q: What do taxes and fishing have in common?
A: _______________________________
Fill in the punch line because we're listening in to Peter and Jesus discuss such things and we’ll see evidence of divine humor.

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