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Questioning Jesus

Jesus is not the ultimate Answer Man, but more like the Great Questioner.  In the Gospels, Jesus asks many more questions than he answers.  Through his questions, he modeled the struggle of living with vision and compassion.  So this Lent, we're exploring the questions Jesus asks about the reach of love and the wondering way we are required to approach life.

Every picture tells a story... 
What stories can you tell by the photos you snap of life around you?  Send in your pics, no professional equipment required, just your questioning lens looking for those places that need the reach of love.  Forward your photos to office@elumc.org.

Seeing beyond the dogmatic “Jesus is the answer” theology is a much more open-ended, much more thoughtful, and much messier approach to faith.  How can we embody questions of faithfulness in our daily lives?  Questions of longing, compassion, doubt, worry, healing.  Questions of who Jesus is and who is the risen Christ for us?  Questions about the reach of love.  And it's that last question that will surround us in the worship space.

We'll be surrounded by photographs that offer no easy answers but rather elicit more questions.  And each of us will bring our own stories to bear on the story the photograph tells.  Where do you see the reach of love or God (the other name for love)- the reach of justice, which is love with skin on?  We're hoping you can help.  Take pictures of the “reach of love” in your life - whether it's the way you see love hitting the mark or places or situations that need the reach of love.  Use your phone to snap a pic and forward to office@elumc.org.

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